Gharde jetto jetto kehnde
Gharde jetto jetto kehnde, duniya jeeti jeeti
Ni ik tere (balle shava)…x2
Ni ik tere nakhre ne, duniya paagal kiti…x2
Ik tere nakhre ne, duniya paagal kiti

I see your eyes looking in my direction
Swing over here, bring it over here
Let me see looking out for me
Boy, don't be shy, let me see what you got tonight
I wanna see what you got me
I wanna know what ..
I'll show you what I've gotten more
.. drop to the floor
I'm bouncing give me some more
I wanna know what they got, what the girl needs
Some fun, baby we've just begun

Tere picchey kara ladhiyaan
Tere picchey kara ladhiyaan, gal sunn ja meri khadke
{Ni dhadkan (balle)
Ni dhadkan (shava)}…x2

Ni dhadkan mitran di, tere dil vich dhadke…x2
Ni dhadkan sajjna di, tere dil vich dhadke

Main kalla ni marda tere te
Main kalla ni marda tere te, marde saari haani
{Ni mittha teri (balle)
Ni mittha teri (shava)}…x2
Ni mittha teri garmi da, sharbat warga paani…x2

Mundeyan de vich hon ladhiyaan
Mundeyan de vich hon ladhiyaan, charcha hundi teri
Ni ladhde (balle shava)…x2
Ni ladhde tere ton, kehnde meri meri…x2
Ni ladhde tere ton, karde meri meri

Singers - Mangi Mahal ft. Vybz Kartal & Nikitta

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