Song : Let's Party
Album : Let's Party
Singer : Ganesh Hegde
Picturised on : Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Ganesh Hegde
Choreographer : Ganesh Hegde

Party party party ..

Let's party let's party party…x2
Let's party let's party all the way

Shaam dhale deewane khele roz naya sa khel
Roz nayi zehreeli nazrein, roz naya ho mel
{Gori gori baahon ke saaye, choo le koi keh ke yeh jaaye
Koi bole todho hadde saari}…x2
So don't stop this party

G is in the house come on inside
There is a party going on we gotta make it wild
You don't know we gotta move that way
Left to right come on this way
Move all the way, forget about yesterday
We'll gone all night till break the leg
Ain't nothing going to stop us, so hold on tight

Chaahe dekho bolde
Koi mere paas aake rakhde dil ko khol ke

Koi aagey koi peechay
Koi bheed se alag mujhe yaaro kheeche
Haan koi dhaaye koi bhaaye
Koi dekhe mere sapne khwabon meeche
Thaame kaske bole hasske mujse woh, mujhse woh
Bas ik raat ka hai fasana, kal chaahe hume bhool jaana
Poori kar de meri khushi saari

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