Song Name: Someone Somewhere
Film: Tell Me O Kkhuda
Music Director: Pritam

Esha, Esha .., touch my body, touch my body…

I'm back and the party get some love baby what I see
She's out in the corner doing Vodka up in the VIP
So so heart feel I burning
I feel me trembling
Gonna make my move though she is coming with me for sure
touch my body, touch my body…

Someone somebody, somewhere is missing me
Ussi ore le chala hai, ab dil mujhe bhi
Raahein paraahi hain, manzilein toh nahin

O how I wish to run my fingers down through your hair
Brown n Black, smooth n silky, like its not even there
Pack it up get close to mine
Read down your neck behind
Your lips are wet I wanna taste them
Put in my mouth ..
touch my body, touch my body…

Bheega bheega sa, jism kal sa gaya
Geela geela sa, chaand jal sa gaya
Din din yeh suha, yeh suhana mausam
Khoye khoye tum yahan
Khoye khoye hai hum
Khule fizaayon mein kuch nasha toh nahin
touch my body, touch my body…

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