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Lyricist: Sameer
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Purbi Joshi
Music Composer: Himesh Reshammiya

I tell all, Listen
No touching no touching
Only seeing only seeing understand
No touching only seeing

{Zara nazrein mila Umrao Jaan
Zara paas toh aa Umrao Jaan}..x3
Tujhe dekha toh jaage armaan

No touching, no touching
Only seeing, only seeing
No kissing, no kissing
Only seeing, only seeing

Hosh mera loote teri khushboo emami
Raat din karunga teri bas teri gulaami
Le le salaami dil ki, salaami
No no I not take

{Zara nazrein mila Umrao Jaan
Zara Paas toh aa Umrao Jaan}…x2
Tujhe dekha toh jaage armaan

Stupid idiot you don't get
What I say only seeing

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